EmbraceYourFlow Q & A 1

Good Day Beautiful Soul 💜

EmbraceYourFlow Journey. Please be kind to yourself as you reflect and go deep within. Pay attention to what feelings come up but do NOT let them consume you.

Now for today’s question:

What part of yourself have you locked away…from yourself; why? From others; why?

Feel free to share by adding a comment and I will respond. If you’d prefer to share privately, please complete the contact form and I will respond to you.

Wishing you all great Love, Peace & Courage…

MY ANSWER: My heart because I offered it too freely for too long and most people did not handle with care. In my early years, I was preyed upon and felt unprotected. There was never any punishment issued to the predator and I felt betrayed by people who claimed to love me. I am sure this incident is still imprinted on my Soul.

Later on, the person I loved an trusted most in the world nearly shredded my heart. So before now, I tucked my heart away for safe keeping because I didn’t trust myself to take care of it.

From others, I hide my heart but also my mind. I allow people to think whatever they will about me without caring. I almost never let on just how intelligent I actually am. The few times I’ve met someone who started to know and perhaps understand me, I would change up so they could never claim to know me. I hardly ever share my dreams because growing up, I was often told that I could never do this or that.

I’m not perfect and I still have trust issues, but I’ve worked hard to heal my wounds and today, I am more peaceful and aware of my needs and wants. Today I am the best version of myself and I love who I am. 💜🙏💜

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