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Not Your Fears!

Good Day Beautiful Souls 💜

The message in this photograph hits me especially hard at this time.

It’s difficult to stay motivated and inspired when you’re surrounded by the heaviness of other people’s fear. You know the ones constantly stating “I can’t do this. You can’t do that. That’s impossible… You should just stay where you are because at least…Stick with the lesser of the two evils…”

We all know people like this; some of them you can’t just cut out of your life so you just deal with them best as you can. In our minds, we will not let them bring us down but at some point, their fear and negativity begins to weigh us down. Once this happens, it seems as though you have to work so hard to release their burdens so you can move forward along your journey.

Stay in tune with your Heart, your Soul so you can recognize when it’s happening and clear out the crap ASAP. Nothing should stop you from achieving your dream, your goals and creating the life you desire.

As always EmbraceYourFlow and stay true to the one that matters most, YOU!

Sending you Love, Peace & Courage… 💜🦾🙏💜

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