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Engaging Thoughts 08/18/2020

It’s often said that you must believe in yourself and all that you can do. Do not seek external validation or gratitude.

Is it wrong to expect your contributions to be noticed and at times rewarded?

Is it wrong to expect people you’ve helped to give you a simple yet heartfelt “Thank You!”?

Is it wrong to expect better opportunities because you almost always go above and beyond what is expected of you?

Is it wrong to be angry when people who perform in a less-than-stellar manner are not asked to correct their behavior?

Is it wrong to be frustrated when you are asked to help those who never lift a finger to help you?

Is it wrong to get sick of “taking the high road” to keep the peace when others are not held accountable for their words or actions?

Is it wrong to get tired of doing your best when nothing seems to change?

Is it wrong to expect people you treat well to treat you the same?

It’s also often said that you must always be who YOU are no matter what.

Even when people don’t deserve to benefit from who and how you are?

Beautiful Souls, I get it but sometimes…I don’t get it!

This world is not easy for kind, loving hearts and sensitive souls and there is only so much one can overlook before it starts to affect you.

I’m curious to know how you deal with any of the things described above. Please share with us because together, we can truly make a difference and help one another.

As always, Love, Peace & Blessings…



  1. Lauren McDaniel says

    It’s such a catch 22 for the Beautiful Souls….its like living between a rock and a hard place.

    You want to be true to yourself which is a caring, thoughtful, hard working, loving, respectful individual. You want to always put your best foot forward and help those around you.

    But living in a world where these qualities is the exception, not the rule and always having to deal with those that will never show appreciation, take short cuts, throw others under the bus, be selfish and ignorant can truly take a toll on you. It can bring you down in spirit and often, down to their level.

    So how do we be true to but also, stand up for ourselves?

    We can walk away from those situations. We can voice our opinions to protect ourselves and others that may be suffering at the hand of the same individual or organization. That is all we can do but that is something.

    In times like these, there is one person I go to for inspiration and clarity. She has numerous words to live by on these issues. The beautiful soul- Maya Angelou
    – I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it
    -People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel
    -If you don’t like something change it. If you cant change it, change your attitude
    -You can kill me with your hatefulness, but still,like air, I’ll rise

    It takes work, love, heart, soul, patience, understanding and a lot of effort to be the exception. The exceptional friend, co-worker, partner, parent, sibling, person. To be the person that cares. But hands down, I would rather be that exceptional person and fight that fight everyday than be the one that lives a life of selfish ignorance not caring how they make others feel.

    Always be you.

    Always stand up for you.

    Know when to walk away and not look back.

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    • Elegantly written and I felt your heart and soul entwined with your words! Wow! It take a lot for me to be speechless but you have literally left me speechless! Thank you so much for sharing your perspective. I absolutely agree with everything you’ve stated! I appreciate your time, your energy and YOU as a Beautiful Soul!
      Love, Peace and many Blessings to you. 💜🙏💜


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