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Quick Share: Trauma

Good New Day Beautiful Souls!

Quick share today. 

When people experience trauma, there are usually one of two ways they process how this changes them:

  1. They lash outward at those around them somehow trying to release the pain. In essence, they punish the people around them in lieu of punishing whomever caused/was involved with their traumatic experience. Most often they do this unconsciously not realizing the trauma is actually affecting who and how they are.
  2. They lash out inward, unconsciously punishing themselves for “allowing” the trauma to happen. Usually spending their time pleasing and taking care of others to the point of neglecting themselves.
Trauma wreaks havoc in our lives whether we are aware of it or not which is why the Journey Back to Self is extremely essential. 

During a client session, as we delved deeper into the subject of trauma, I realized that I spent much of my life processing my traumatic experiences…lashing out inward. I seem to learn something new about myself during each client session; perhaps we are all constantly healing from one thing or another?

Have you experienced trauma during your lifetime? If so, how have you dealt with it? Be honest with yourself and please share as you are sure to help someone else.

As always, feel free to connect with me if you just need someone to listen or if you have any questions.

Wishing you great Love, Peace and Healing,



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