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Always on time…

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits!

During a New Day filled with many beautiful moments entwined with moments of pure frustration, I was blessed to “stumble upon” an article to help bring things into perspective. I’ve felt somewhat “stuck” past few weeks, unsure of my next steps; being passionate about so many things feels like a gift and a curse…

The author spoke directly to me; her examples were akin to my present thoughts, ideas, concerns, passions etc. The most pertinent tip: make a list of your values to distinguish your passions from things you enjoy. Make a list? I despise lists or anything that requires me to follow it; innate rebel with no change ahead (chucklessss). Restriction of any kind nearly extinguishes my fire, however, I’m at a great turning point, change is happening and I ‘m open so here’s my top five…

  1. Freedom; all encompassing freedom
  2. Fulfilling my purpose
  3. Sharing my gifts
  4. Creative flow
  5. Traveling

Reviewing the list has made me realize I do not wish to be sedentary nor do I wish to be locked in to a particular location, time or thing-to-do. I want to awaken each New Day able to explore and go with the flow…. Not in an irresponsible/not doing my part in this world way; I simply do not wish to be confined to anything or anyone…FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Now comes the not-so-easy part…

I’m diligent and committed to flowing naturally; it feels great to be in this space at this time presented with infinite possibilities.

Do you awaken each New Day excited about what awaits you? Do you feel “stuck” at times? Are you fulfilled? Do you want more? Are you honoring your authentic self? If you’ve answered no to any of these questions,  I hope you will begin YOUR list of values to gain the clarity you need to continue moving forward.

As always I’d love for you to share your thoughts so we can create an open dialogue.

Sending you all wishes of great Love, Peace & many Blessings…





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Back to Me

Recently someone asked, “What will make you happy?” When I didn’t respond immediately she advised me to remember things I did as a child to make myself happy; things that felt so good to me, I did them without thinking. It’s difficult to remember so far back; especially when you’ve closed the door to that part of yourself due to life experiences, familial and societal conditioning. It’s easy to forget yourself as a carefree child beginning each New Day with wonder and excitement; void of expectations, simply going with the flow of the Universe.

During this lifetime’s journey I became less carefree, still somewhat of a rebel but I learned to suppress my authentic self mostly because it made others uncomfortable. At some point I gave up craving freedom; replaced by a need for security and foundation. At some point I began following rules (albeit silently protesting) simply because it was expected of me. I became a pleaser instead of doing what pleased me so I would be afforded some peace…or so I thought. My authentic self was pushed further and further into the deepest part of me; safe and sound so that I could “survive” in the “real world”.

Fast forward…I’ve spent the past few years “getting to know myself”; initially extremely disappointed by the impostor in the mirror. What the hell? Germ phobic; when I was a child you couldn’t get me to come inside even to wash my hands and one of my favorite things to do was take care animals, especially horses. Disallowing intimate love in my life because relationships did not work out and I just didn’t feel like trying again. Since I can remember, I’ve always been in love with love so removing love from my life made no sense. I was a dare-devil as a child and fearless; as an adult always worrying and filled with anxiety.

The great news is once you understand who you are versus who you’ve become, possibilities of becoming who you were created to be are infinite. Today I’m free once again; free of anxiety, fearless, determined, powerfully in-tune with my authentic self and my purpose for being. I love and support the uninhibited child within unconditionally; the peace it’s brought me is more than I ever imagined possible. I am healthy; I am whole; I am me…

I’m sharing this to inspire you to remember who you truly are (if you haven’t already done so). A Beautiful Spirit said to me yesterday, “I want to do whatever you are doing because you are always smiling and pleasant.” My simple response, “I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I decided to heal myself inside out and you can do the same. I must tell you that facing yourself is the most difficult thing you will ever do but it’s so worth blessings and clarity it will bring.”

We don’t have to accept the unhappiness we see in the world today. We can make changes one Beautiful Spirit at a time; change begins within. We are only responsible for who we are but we inspire others to be the best they can be leading by example.

As always, I wish you all great Love, Peace & Blessings…

© SerenenSassySoul 2015


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Wednesday Wisdom 03/25/2015

Have you ever been around people who feel that you are simply too nice? “You care too much” You do too much” This was said to me today, “People are not used someone as helpful as you so maybe you just have to learn to stay in your respective lane”. My feelings are certainly not hurt because what others think/feel about me will never dictate who I am. I will not change who I am because others are not used to “someone like me”. I am compassionate and generous, especially with Seniors and Children and Animals; I was created this way!

I say this to say…honor yourself by being who you are despite who or what others expect or want you to be. At the end of each New Day you must be able to face who you are inside, out. Be your authentic self each moment of each day and be kind to yourself if and WHEN you step outside of yourself. During moments you step outside of yourself, take a few deep breaths and let these moments pass, quiet your mind, love yourself and step right back into your authentic self.

I stand behind my belief that perhaps perfect days do not exist but perfect moments certainly do. I live moment to moment, especially for those perfect, beautiful moments. I’ve thrown away the senseless act of allowing any day to be awful; moments pass and I move on to the next… At the end of each New Day I am grateful for all experiences,(blessings & lessons)as well as close of the day. Overnight I release experiences, rest and unconsciously prepare for the New Day ahead; nothing more nothing less.

Sending you best wishes of Clarity, Courage & Compassion.

Love, Peace & Blessings…



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Motivational Monday 03/23/15

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits!

Today is Motivational Monday; let our intention be to inspire and encourage.

I met two Beautiful Spirits this morning, warm and encouraging without me asking; well I did ask the Universe to send someone to listen and help me understand the changes I’ve been experiencing but that was a few weeks ago. What you feel you need may not come when you ask for it but it always comes when you need it!

My wish for you today is to enjoy beautiful moments presented, pay close attention to what you feel within your mind, body. spirit and heart and release the less-than-good moments as you continue to move forward on your journey.

Love, Peace & Blessings…



eagle soaring

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Releasing Pain

Pain filling every crevice, every point
Causing waves to rise and fall
Pace unsteady
Mind unstable
Fighting through the pain and fogginess
Pulling so much energy, feeling weak
Positive thoughts provide some comfort
Wishing the pain away, making room for peaceful flow
You’ve come too far to give in now
Fearless, unshakable faith building strength
Must stay focused without expectation
The flow will carry you where you need to be
Trust the process and all will work out fine
FAITH is key to calming the waves and releasing the pain…
©SereneNSassySoul 2015
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Love and Support Helps Loved Ones Heal

Dearest Beautiful Spirits,

We can’t “fix” our loved ones but we can encourage and inspire them to begin their healing journey. Reach out and assure them that they are not alone. When they speak listen…I mean really listen with your heart so you can “hear” what’s not being said.

Please check out this great article courtesy of for tips to help your loved ones quiet internal chaos: Supporting Loved Ones Suffering from Depression


Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul


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