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Love Felt Not Spoken

They’ve always loved one another but now…the intensity of their love is inexplicable; deeper than either has ever gone

Love has washed over them like a Tsunami; completely out of their control consuming each of them entirely

Each has loved ones they’ve learned to admire, respect and trust; with each other it’s always been effortless

Silence creates much needed clarity; understanding and acceptance

Why…neither has ever felt whole no matter who they’ve tried to love

Why…they can sense each other’s feelings, thoughts before expressed

Why…everyone else mentions how they seem to be much more than just friends

Why…each is intrinsically protective and immersed within one another

Why…internal chaos is non-existent when they are together; storms often resume when they are apart

Why…sexually neither has completely connected with another; first time with each other felt like final two puzzle pieces…whole

Why…during an embrace, the fit is perfect; each is finally home

She’s blessed to be in love with someone who looks at her with so much love and acceptance in his eyes; her heart and spirit are entranced each instance

He loves how she looked in the beginning, during the middle and especially during the last days…

Her thoughts enter his mind without a word escaping her lips; his thoughts flow same as hers

Their love is mostly unspoken; felt in a way providing more fulfillment than either has ever imagined

No one understands their relationship so they speculate incorrectly and unfairly; she’s not worried nor is he

Dreaming of love, knowing how it should be and how it should feel is incomparable to actually experiencing love with someone who has been created just for you.


Wishing you all the blessing of experiencing love…



© 2014 SereneNSassySoul

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His Love

Depth of his love, immeasurable
Vision of his love, unseen by eyes alone
Sensuality of his love…its scent, its taste inexplicable

His love is an experience;enrapturing all of her senses
Connecting to the very essence of who she is…her heart
Protecting and comforting her even when he’s not physically present; he’s always with her, her with him

She’s dreamt of him all of her life
Never imagined he would actually come to be
She is lost and found within his love
Once her greatest challenge; now her greatest blessing

Life was gray and uneventful; now its vividly colorful and filled with infinite possibilities
Connecting with another nearly impossible; now its effortless
Distrust and fear replaced by faith and joy

She was almost convinced that love did not exist; feeling so blessed that her heart would never let go…

© 2014 SereneNSassySoul