Selfish or Misunderstood

So I wonder… Is it possible to teach someone who is used to being selfish, how to be considerate of others? Whether they are seemingly selfish because they had to grab what they could get growing up because they several brothers and sisters and financially the family struggled. Perhaps they have been overlooked too often… Continue reading Selfish or Misunderstood

Spilled Thoughts

It’s Just Me…

Here's my thing... I am who I am; I will always be who I am. If you are intimidated by my presence, deal with it because that my Dear One, is YOUR problem NOT mine! Accept me as I am because I am NOT changing for you. Being true to myself if the highest form… Continue reading It’s Just Me…


Family Time..Season

This post is for all of my Beautiful Sisters and Brothers who may feel alone during the “Holiday Season” what call Family Time Season :-). Please know you are NEVER alone! I am a Lone Wolf by nature but sometimes even I feel alone. I am here to tell you to honor yourself, first ,… Continue reading Family Time..Season

Love Flow, Spilled Thoughts

The One…

Loves all of me, leaves his love with me when his physical presence is not possible Inspires me, encourages me always... He is loyal and honest Protective yet freeing Supportive in every way Wants me as much as I want him I am safe with him, always... Listens, I mean really listens to what I… Continue reading The One…

Love Flow

Soul-Partner Connection

What is a Soul-Partner? One who’s heart rhythm matches your own. I never understood loneliness until I spent time with you... My very soul felt at peace and completely safe in your presence. Your beautiful spirit kept me warm and comfortable, without a single touch, despite the damp chill in the air You listened with… Continue reading Soul-Partner Connection

Inspirational Flow

Only YOU Can Save Yourself

Dearest Beautiful Spirits, After spending yesterday in bed, searching for a reason to keep trying, I’ve awakened today with reasonS to keep trying. Here’s the thing, I had to acknowledge that there is something within me that is destructive. It fights all of the good in me, as if it’s trying to prevent its inevitable… Continue reading Only YOU Can Save Yourself