Spilled Thoughts

Dearest Heart,

My Dearest Heart, I still believe in you and your messages of guidance. I believe you know what is best for me and why I’ve been born to this world. I know you are strong; you are why and how I’ve survived this long. You’ve been through so much and there has been so much… Continue reading Dearest Heart,

Spilled Thoughts

DSA (Divided States of America) Election – Mourning After

The outcome of the DSA (Divided States of America) presidential election was never about her or him. I care about The People no matter what; the DSA election was not at all about The People. As I awakened on this New Day, I felt a heaviness in my heart center. As if evil defeated good,… Continue reading DSA (Divided States of America) Election – Mourning After

Love Flow

I want to but…I cannot

I want to... Thank you for letting me into your world Getting to know you has been challenging yet somehow exhilarating I want to be your soul's partner, here for you always Never judging, always supporting and loving you unconditionally I want to explore this world with you; create with you I want to be… Continue reading I want to but…I cannot

Beautiful Things

Gratitude After Matthew

Today I thanked each tree for standing tall and strong despite Matthew's wrath! My car, my home, my family are all safe. I watched the trees bend, some I didn't think would make it but they refused to let Matthew take them down. The Sun's warmth today was so necessary and so energizing. The cool… Continue reading Gratitude After Matthew

Spilled Thoughts

Save Your Loved Ones…OPTIONS

This weekend, someone I care about became so overwhelmed dealing with her pain on her own that she decided her only OPTION was to leave this world. She was a Beautiful Spirit; her energy comforting and inspiring. She apparently was an expert hiding her pain because everyone that knew her said she was “happy” and… Continue reading Save Your Loved Ones…OPTIONS