Wounded Woman

The moment you realize just about every man in your life has let you down

The moment you realize people you’ve trusted became another misjudgment

The moment you realize your kindness is not usually reciprocated

The moment you realize your hard work is not appreciated

The moment you realize being YOU is not always accepted

The moment you realize your adoration falls on deaf ears

The moment you realize your pain is so deep you can’t face it alone

The moment you realize how you feel doesn’t really matter

The moment you grow tired of fighting…

Remember to place your faith and determination to help other inward. Pick yourself up and take just a little time to lick your wounds.

Revive yourself, create a new path and allow people who deserve your kindness, loyalty and thoughtfulness to travel the new path with you.


Chris Brown – Forgiveness

I’ve been a victim of abuse yet I don’t have any ill feeling towards this young man
I see him and I smile; I just don’t feel like he is the monster that many believe him to be
He is inspirational and his courage makes me believe my dreams will come true
His dedication, his soul-stirring words have captured me
He has given me the courage I need to be the true Lioness I was born to be
Forgiveness is a big part of living your life completely
The more people try to condemn him, the more blessings he will receive
God did not create us to judge others; rather his hope is for us to uplift and encourage each other
Game, 50 Cents; I’ve never been a fan but because you have defended this awesome young man, I will return your support
Forgive this young man as he has paid dearly for his mistakes
Let him move on and continue to create GREAT music and art for us to enjoy.
P.S. Chris…you must truly forgive yourself and let it go once and for all. Release the demons and allow peace to settle inside of your soul.

Qualities of a REAL Emcee

Appearance (take pride in your appearance; grooming, overall hygiene, clean clothes etc.)

Approachable (respect your supporters)

Consistent Flow (no breaks)

Mystique/Charisma (something about you makes people want to get to know you)

Story Telling/Rhyme Content (keeping the listener interested; concise delivery)

Uniqueness (stands out in a crowd)

Versatility (different styles; ability to tell a story to different types of music)

Voice Strength (deep, raspy, high pitched…just keep it consistent)

Below is a list of Emcees I believe satisfy all of the must have qualities:


Big Daddy Kane




Master Ace

MC Lyte


Queen Latifah





A Felon
Genesis Be
The Dedaman

Unlike most lists, my lists are in alphabetical order only! This is not a gossipy, trashy, tear folks down blog site. My blog is all about uplifting and giving credit to people who grind hard and keep my ears happy! J

To all of the artists listed, thank you for taking YOUR time to create great music.

Smooches… ~SNS~

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