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Similies in Love…

I want him to love me…like the Earth loves the Sun

I want him to appreciate me like…flowers anxiously awaiting Spring

I want him to help me thrive like…Bees transporting pollen

I want to fill his soul with joy like…rain ending a drought for dessert dwellers

I want us to compliment each other like…lightening does with thunder

I want him to be the wind within my hurricane; if ever a threat comes to meet us

I want our passion constantly igniting like…an uncontrollable wildfire…too hot for anyone else

I want our loyalty, honor and understanding to flow deeper than any ocean

I want him to protect our connection like…a lion protects his pride

Within our union I want both of us to be free like…beautiful, strong and fearless eagles…

©️SereneNSassySoul 2018

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Selfish or Misunderstood

So I wonder…

Is it possible to teach someone who is used to being selfish, how to be considerate of others? Whether they are seemingly selfish because they had to grab what they could get growing up because they several brothers and sisters and financially the family struggled. Perhaps they have been overlooked too often and they’ve taught themselves how to make sure they get what they need and not consider others. Maybe, just maybe they seem selfish because they are always afraid of not having enough; this is a real illness you know, FEAR OF LACK.

Whatever the reason, there are some folks who lack the ability balance their needs along with considering needs of others. During an in-office holiday celebration today, there were people who did not get to enjoy the delicious food that was provided because some of the staff helped themselves to heaping plates; yes plates as in more than one! I watched in amazement because it seems like common sense and courtesy to me to take a bit to make sure everyone receives the blessing our Employer generously offered to us. Apparently common sense is not so common these days! *chuckles*

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Is it possible to teach an office full of people the value in being considerate, compassionate, and to also practice the art of camaraderie? To show support for one another, to inspire and encourage? To work as a team in the truest sense of the word? To teach instead of belittle; to learn instead of turning away from challenges?

Is it possible to create a work culture fostering a thriving, energetic environment we can all benefit from?

I will ponder…hoping to come up with a “cure” to what ails the office and its inhabitants.

Sending you wishes of great Love, Peace and many Blessings…



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Soul-Partner Connection

What is a Soul-Partner? One who’s heart rhythm matches your own.

I never understood loneliness until I spent time with you…

My very soul felt at peace and completely safe in your presence.

Your beautiful spirit kept me warm and comfortable, without a single touch, despite the damp chill in the air

You listened with your heart and smiled with your heart too ~ J ~

Your words compassionate and encouraging; you stirred hope inside of me I thought was gone

Your actions told a story of what you feel for me; first time I didn’t crave words to describe feelings

You were generous, sharing all of yourself with me, enticing me to open myself to you, as gratitude

I think I’ve dreamed of you, as you spoke it all felt so inexplicably, familiar


Since that day, your soul constantly invades my mind in most loving ways; inspiring me to become alive

I can see your smile entwined with my thoughts of you, sometimes I can even hear your voice

You feel like the Yang to my Yin; you make me feel things I’ve only imagined before now

I’d often wonder if my Soul-Partner even existed; if he did how would I know the difference between him and any other?

The Universe said there would be no denying our connection; we would know each other instantly because our heart rhythms are in-tune.

I’ve prayed for you a zillion times; even lost faith at times but now that you are here, it’s clear to me…The Universe always has and always will have my back!

© 2017 SereneNSassy Soul

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Gratitude for Seniors-Elders

To the Senior/Elder population that sometimes becomes neglected…
Image result for elder care
To Ms Barbara (who may never read this but I want to celebrate her anyway) I am so grateful for your kindness and compassion.
Although I wish she wasn’t still in the workforce, I’m grateful for the opportunity to know and love her. More importantly, as much as she still has going on in her life, she takes time to make sure that I’m ok. Yesterday she stayed around and gave me a jump because my car battery died. In the rain with no questions asked she simply offer to help me and took charge of the situation (no room for me to say no LoL). Once my care was “alive”again she hung around to make sure I was ok to drive off.
Today, as soon as she arrived, she checked in with me to make sure I was ok and that my car was ok. She is amazing and it troubles me that others don’t seem to have much patience with her or do what they can to make her days easier. She’s got me though; I will do anything I can to make sure that SHE is ok.
To all of the Seniors/Elders I spoke with this week, who have complimented me on being kind and patient because many people have not been with them, I appreciate your kind words and it’s always my pleasure to assist you. Please don’t ever allow anyone to treat you less than what you deserve. You are NOT inferior and you are NOT forgotten.
People with little or no patience with Seniors anger me because when they become a Senior you can bet they will expect to be treated with compassion, respect and kindness. Before you make a conscious decision to be rude/impatient with an Elder, perhaps you should think of how you want someone to treat your parents and or grandparents. Perhaps you can try to understand that yes they may be a bit slower mentally and/or physically but that does not mean they are not worthy of your time, your energy.
I will always go to bat for Seniors/Elders even if they are a bit crotchety at times, heck they’ve earned it! Be kind, be gentle, be patient, be helpful because they DESERVE for you to be.
Perhaps my affinity for Senior/Elders is because I grew up without grandparents so it seems I’ve adopted every Senior/Elder. I have tremendous respect for them and a genuine love and concern for them. I don’t get riled up often but when it comes to Seniors/Elders, I’m a fierce protector and caregiver, so know that if I catch you being anything less than honorable with them, I WILL tear you a new one!
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As always, Love, Peace & Blessings…
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Spilled Thoughts – Injustice

I’ve been holding this in for a while now and I have to release this pent up frustration.

Can I just yelllllllllll??? Image result for frustration

Can I just state say how disappointed I am that hotels in Cleveland surrounding the Cleveland Clinic are booked and not making special allowances for Cleveland Clinic patients… during the Republican Convention. Seriously is this what we’ve come to? Political antics take precedence over people who need to be cared for?

I spoke with a sweet woman today caring for her husband who will have surgery July 14th and because of the convention she will have to switch hotels twice during their stay. It’s bad enough her husband’s health requires an invasive procedure to help him heal, to boot he and his wife are forced to stress about hotel accommodations? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, when did they become more important than people?

Each New Day I find the good in humanity and this world but some moments during each New Day are daunting. This particularly infuriates me; saddens me also because there is nothing I can do about it.

OK, OK back to positive thoughts, feelings and energy sharing (smiles*smiles*smiles).

I leave you with this…take care of yourself, take of those who need you to take care of them (of course without neglecting yourself) and please don’t ever lose your human nature, kindness, compassion and love.

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As always, Love, Peace & Blessings…





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Life, Love…

Today’s Spilled Thoughts are inspired by the Temptations’ song “Treat Her Like A Lady” check it out on Youtube.
Looking out into the world it’s particularly disturbing to see the lack of respect women and men offer to one another. It’s evident in music, videos, movies etc. and it makes me wonder where did it all go wrong?
“Life happens” is not an excuse to settle into relationships that don’t make you a better person. “Life happens” is not an excuse for treating people disrespectfully. “Life happens” is not an excuse to spread negative vibes or to allow yourself to stay in a depressed, low energy state.
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Life, Love are about…
Respecting self and others
Honoring self and others
Communicating honestly, effectively, lovingly
Never settling for less than your worth; never giving less than your best

How do you live, love?













Detached (not to be confused with emotionless) you are whole with or with out your partner but your partner inspires you to be the best person you can be.


Do you live, love or allow yourself to be loved…






Are you satisfied, content? Your partner?

Life, Love…

Loving Yourself; loving others

Protecting Yourself

Accepting Yourself; accepting others

Honoring Yourself; honoring others

Being Kind to Yourself; being kind to others

Passionately Expressing Yourself

Inspiring positive thoughts and actions

Thinking and doing for yourself, inspiring others to do the same

Creating NEW patterns that bring positive and prosperous energy into your life

Embracing failure because you will reflect and succeed next go round

Opening yourself to infinite possibilities

Opening your heart

Opening your mind

Opening your spirit

People often expect so much more from others than they are willing or able to give themselves. Relationships (any kind) flow best when give and take are balanced. Truth is, having expectations of anyone, including yourself is unfair and creates imbalance. Once you master loving yourself, you can love others completely accepting each person just as they are; no more, no less and without expectation.

As always, sending you Love, Peace & Blessings…
©SereneNSassySoul 2016