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Similies in Love…

I want him to love me…like the Earth loves the Sun

I want him to appreciate me like…flowers anxiously awaiting Spring

I want him to help me thrive like…Bees transporting pollen

I want to fill his soul with joy like…rain ending a drought for dessert dwellers

I want us to compliment each other like…lightening does with thunder

I want him to be the wind within my hurricane; if ever a threat comes to meet us

I want our passion constantly igniting like…an uncontrollable wildfire…too hot for anyone else

I want our loyalty, honor and understanding to flow deeper than any ocean

I want him to protect our connection like…a lion protects his pride

Within our union I want both of us to be free like…beautiful, strong and fearless eagles…

©️SereneNSassySoul 2018

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The One…

Loves all of me, leaves his love with me when his physical presence is not possible

Inspires me, encourages me always…

He is loyal and honest

Protective yet freeing

Supportive in every way

Wants me as much as I want him

I am safe with him, always…


Listens, I mean really listens to what I say as well as my silence

Shares with me, never holding back

Steps in embers of passion with me creating a fire that no one else can withstand

He loves to listen to my love song; his description for breaths I take when we’re entwined

He helps me understand and make peace with pain proceeding his presence in my world

He adds purpose and fulfillment to each New Day

He is kind, he is compassionate

He is the very essence of love…


I love the powerful strength I feel when he touches me ever so gently

His scent lingers, long after he’s gone, keeps me company until he returns

The depth and softness of his voice, flows through my ears like a melodic tune

When he stares from across the room, he turns the flame inside of me into a roaring fire

When he smiles at me, the angriest feelings no longer haunt me

For he is The One whose heart rhythm was created to sync with mine

He is whole without me, I am whole without him; together we are perfect balance.

©2017 SereneNSassy Soul

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Love Lesson I

Dedicated to the one who will know this is my Thank You to Him…

I finally have the courage to share this; finally have the ability to understand this…

I’m single/unattached by choice because He taught me what unconditional love and support feels like; I know what “trying” looks and feels like. I understand that relationships are NOT about sacrificing yourself or asking someone else to. Relationships are NOT about changing yourself so the other person will “like” or perhaps accept you. Relationships ARE comprised of people who love and accept one another just as they are; light and dark side.

He came into my life during a time of chaos and much needed self-healing and therefore I was unable to allow his love to penetrate me completely. He showed me what love looks and feels like. He taught me that I am always enough! He discovered the beauty within and outside of me and taught me how to love it all. Best of all, He didn’t just love me, He loved, protected, encouraged and inspired my first true love…my Son. It all came from his heart and I gave him as much in return as I could considering the shattered state I was in as he attempted to rescue me. He was consistent and persistent; did everything He could to help me release the pain…

He was a selfless friend and lover, counselor, teacher, protector; truly the Sun to my Moon. He made my heart smile until the smile reached my eyes. He was patient and willingly shared his strength with me. He led me back to myself and helped me mend many pieces of my soul back together again. He was beautiful inside out; looking at him, dreaming of him, provided so much pleasure for me…

He helped me realize that the love I’ve dreamt of and written about since I was a young girl actually exists despite what most people think. He’s why I know better than to settle for anything less because I deserve to be fulfilled in every way imaginable.

I often think if only He came into my life at a time I wasn’t grieving and in desperate need of healing, we would have had more time to grow together instead of eventually growing apart. If only I could have opened my heart more for Him; truly enjoyed his presence and what He was offering me, and my Son. I think of Him often and smile, hoping He is truly happy and fulfilled even with someone else because that’s what real love is. Sometimes I get a brief whiff of His personal scent, I see Him standing tall and strong, smiling and it comforts me. My heart tells me He is just fine and I include Him in my prayers, grateful to have had an opportunity to experience Him.

Now I’m living, smiling and standing on my own feeling more powerful and confident than I’ve ever felt before and I know he has played a part in my healing, recovery and new found happiness. Sure it would be wonderful to share this version of me, my authentic self with Him now but I accept that perhaps our time is gone for good. I’m brave and wise now and also open to receiving my Soul Mate when the time is right, whether it be Him or someone else. I have no expectations of who my Soul Mate is or will be but I am certain of what he will NOT be. I’m whole on my own but with him I will be complete. He will make me a better me; I will make him a better him.

SereneNSassy Soul

October 15, 2015

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He’s Coming…

He’s getting closer and there is no stopping his progress
He’s been patiently waiting to reunite with her
He’s moving purposefully; his heart leading him straight to her
He’s not sure what to expect but he needs to be with her

He needs her love, her support, her loyalty, her energy…
He needs to love her, protect her, nurture her, uplift her…

He’s felt her pain, almost too much for him to bear
He’s distressed by what she’s been going through, yet so proud she’s enduring; standing stronger than ever

They’ve spent enough time apart during this lifetime
They’ve evolved and experienced many things but complete fulfillment has eluded him; her

She can no longer deny what she feels for him
Pushing him away…no longer an option
Being afraid of opening herself to love…no longer an option
Hiding herself, just breathing…no longer an option

She feels him deeply in the center of her chest; the sensation is becoming more intense
She has always been her own hero but she knows he coming to save her
This love is bigger than her; bigger than him…

© SerenenSassySoul 2015


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Spilled Thoughts 04/18/2015

Greeting Beautiful Spirits!

I never knew anyone could make me feel what he makes me feel and thanks to him I have a clear understanding of what Love truly is. Love feels wonderful, uplifting; never painful. Love is not perfect but it certainly makes you the best you can possibly be offering lessons and blessings to learn and grow with.

Let’s be clear loving another will not complete you; that work must be done before Love can happen. You must be whole, loving and accepting yourself unconditionally before you can experience Love; I will leave you ponder this based on your experiences.

What is your definition of Love? Will you share your Love experience? Each experience is different but at it’s core Love is beautiful.

Here are my spilled thoughts and as always I’d love to hear from you.

It’s him; there is only him

My heart craves him

I need to see his smile, inhale his scent, feel his skin, hear his voice

Nothing and no one fills the void his absence creates

I don’t feel like speaking with anyone, really

I don’t want to go anywhere, really

I just want him to talk with; to be with

Enveloped within his love, support, encouragement…

I’m whole without him but a better me with him

His presence calms and stokes the fire within me

I can go at it alone but there is no reason to

I feel him deeply in the middle of my chest; his happiness, peace, chaos…

I’ve spent too much of this lifetime without him

Our time is now, forever thereafter

I’m ready…I’m finally ready for all of him…

© SereneNSassySoul 2015

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Two Spirits; One Love

We are connected inexplicably, heart, mind, body & spirit

Our heart rhythms in sync

Your touch calms my storms; my touch dissipates your internal chaos

Your thoughts blend into mine; my feelings entwine with yours

Insatiable, unfulfilled until you; until me

It was extremely difficult living in this world without you; no one has ever known me

I’ve loved others, never connected with them; thought I was broken, hopeless

With you I’m a better me; I awaken with purpose each New Day

You are intricately woven into the fabric of my essence; you are my Sun, I am your Moon

QueenNKingTogether we are invincible; our depth surpasses the deepest ocean

Your touch ignites every nerve ending, beginning

Your scent lingers long after you are gone

Your voice flows through my ears even after you’ve stopped speaking

Recollections of tasting you bombard my mind long after our sensual session ends

Blurred, no way to distinguish where I begin, you end; where you begin, I end…

© 2015 SereneNSassySoul