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Words of Wisdom 02/13/2018

Good New Day Beautiful Spirits!

This week’s Words of Wisdom is a quote submitted to me and it sure was right on time!

“Live your life without buts!” ~Olivia Smalls

Ms. Smalls’ quote reminds us that we are more than capable of creating and maintaining a life we truly enjoy.

A meaningful life by our own standards if we simply…

Stop making excuses.

Stop hesitating because of this or that.

Stop being afraid of what happens if this time doesn’t work out.

Stop awaiting support and validation from others.

Stop believing we may not be worthy of the life we want.

Re-write your script! Image result for action

Let’s find out what happens when we…

Stop trying and simply take action…DO!

Be open to changing direction midway if necessary; quitting is NOT an option!

Leave past experiences behind us; this time IS different; we’ve grown so much since then.

Be our very own cheerleader!

Trust ourselves to get it done.

We are worthy of beautiful life experiences. Contrary to what “they” say, life is NOT meant to be difficult.


As always, sending you great Love, Peace & Blessings…

©2018 SereneNSassySoul 

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It’s Just Me…

Here’s my thing…

I am who I am; I will always be who I am.

If you are intimidated by my presence, deal with it because that my Dear One, is YOUR problem NOT mine! Accept me as I am because I am NOT changing for you. Being true to myself if the highest form of honor; perhaps you should try it too.

Never again will I dim my light.

Never again will I attempt to lessen my intelligence.

Never again will keep quiet so you can feel better about yourself.

I am NOT here to make you feel good (or bad) about who you are, that my Dear is YOUR responsibility; perhaps you should take it seriously.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your run; it’s over now!

Be mindful of how you approach me, I am kind, compassionate and helpful but if your intentions are less than honorable I promise to be your fiercest teacher.

As always, with a smile in my heart,

Love, Peace & Blessings…

SereneNSassy Soul ~ 12/02/2017


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Reining in Your Thoughts…

Reining in Your Thoughts…

My mind is can be a valuable tool but it can also be a hindrance to my overall well-being. Have you ever had a thought that lingers and grows instead of passing through? My thoughts can become intense and grow to epic proportions! Make no mistake…a busy mind is a gift and a curse!

There are times when I can think of something and create greatness; other times I think of something and create a whirl of anxiety and frustration. I am making a conscious effort to flip negative thoughts and use them to further my progress instead of allowing them to create stagnation. I will not claim that this is an easy process but I will acknowledge that it is becoming easier to manage each day.

I’ve discovered part of my issue stems from being an impatient perfectionist. What an awful way to live: harshly judging yourself, setting unrealistic expectations, demanding way more from yourself even when you’ve given your all and just never feeling like you are enough. Well knowing is half the battle right? I am finally putting together the pieces required to live harmoniously.

postive thinkingBefore thoughts consume me, I stop, take a deep breath and regroup. Ask myself whether or not my intuition is leading this charge or if I am just going off the deep end? If deep end is the answer (LoL), I actively flip the thoughts so I can focus and resolve the matter. I’ve learned that you truly are what you think and I prefer to attract more positive energy than negative. Have you ever noticed when one thing goes bad…everything else seems to fall apart? It’s because you are actively  multiplying negative energy.

Reinventing yourself is not an easy thing but it is well worth the rewards you will reap. Stay away from negative people, images and anything else that does not resonate with your spirit. You can see, hear and feel the garbage in our world but do NOT consume it!  It’s also helpful to remember you are NEVER alone; don’t be afraid to reach out to people you can trust or even people not so familiar but who can offer you positive guidance. I’ve found nourishment among people I’ve never actually met in person; Beautiful Spirits shine brightly.

Wishing you Love, Peace & Blessings…


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Another Bit of Me…

I’ve been told that I love too deeply

I’ve been told that I think too much

I’ve been told that I try to help too often

I’ve been told that I am extremely emotional


I do love deeply but only if you are worthy

I do think most of my waking hours because I never want to stop learning

I do try to help often because my spirit is drawn to help those who may benefit

I do feel many emotions…yours and mine because I’m an Empath


I’ve been labeled unreasonably “all or nothing”

I’ve been labeled abnormally introverted

I’ve been labeled ridiculously rigid

I’ve been labeled an absolute pushover


It’s true; I was an all or nothing person but achieving balance has rid my life of that unnecessary behavior

It’s true; I am introverted which is a huge part of my personality

It’s true; I was rigid but achieving balance has made it easier to compromise

I was never a pushover but I did let many people hang themselves with the long rope I gave them


For so long I believed those opinions and labels

For so long I struggled with who I was vs. who I should be

For so long I was unhappy and confused

For so long I wondered why “they” always wished me different


Now I’ve found balance

Now I understand and appreciate who I am and have always been

Now I realize “they” don’t know me at all

Now the only opinion that matters is mine


It took realizing that I’ve been existing instead of living for me to change what needed to be and accepting the parts of me that are authentically who I am. I have finally found peace, balance and the ability to accept and love myself wholly. My wish for you is that you will do the same if you have not done so already.

By the way…I am also labeled an INFJ which I accept completely! 🙂


Smooches, SNS