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28-Day EmbraceYourFlow Journey

Join me on a 28-Day EmbraceYourFlow Journey beginning 04/01/2020. Each day I will post a thought provoking question to help you go deep; perhaps deeper than you’ve gone before now. The top three (3) ACTIVE participants will each win: A free EmbraceYourFlow ConsultationChoice of full sized, Hand-crafted, Organic Herbal Tea Blend OR HerbalAroma Oil ***Join… Continue reading 28-Day EmbraceYourFlow Journey

Inspirational Flow, Spilled Thoughts

In-tune with Your Heart & Soul

Good Day Beautiful Souls! It’s been a long, trying day but I’m still standing tall. 🙏😊 Do you have difficulty staying motivated and inspired when you’re surrounded by the heaviness of other people’s fears? You know the ones constantly stating “I can’t do this. You can’t do that. That’s impossible... You should just stay where… Continue reading In-tune with Your Heart & Soul

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Similies in Love…

I want him to love the Earth loves the Sun I want him to appreciate me anxiously awaiting Spring I want him to help me thrive like...Bees transporting pollen I want to fill his soul with joy like...rain ending a drought for dessert dwellers I want us to compliment each other like...lightening does… Continue reading Similies in Love…

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Words of Wisdom 02/13/2018

Good New Day Beautiful Spirits! This week's Words of Wisdom is a quote submitted to me and it sure was right on time! "Live your life without buts!" ~Olivia Smalls Ms. Smalls' quote reminds us that we are more than capable of creating and maintaining a life we truly enjoy. A meaningful life by our… Continue reading Words of Wisdom 02/13/2018

Love Flow

Soul-Partner Connection

What is a Soul-Partner? One who’s heart rhythm matches your own. I never understood loneliness until I spent time with you... My very soul felt at peace and completely safe in your presence. Your beautiful spirit kept me warm and comfortable, without a single touch, despite the damp chill in the air You listened with… Continue reading Soul-Partner Connection

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I want to but…I cannot

I want to... Thank you for letting me into your world Getting to know you has been challenging yet somehow exhilarating I want to be your soul's partner, here for you always Never judging, always supporting and loving you unconditionally I want to explore this world with you; create with you I want to be… Continue reading I want to but…I cannot