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Similies in Love…

I want him to love me…like the Earth loves the Sun

I want him to appreciate me like…flowers anxiously awaiting Spring

I want him to help me thrive like…Bees transporting pollen

I want to fill his soul with joy like…rain ending a drought for dessert dwellers

I want us to compliment each other like…lightening does with thunder

I want him to be the wind within my hurricane; if ever a threat comes to meet us

I want our passion constantly igniting like…an uncontrollable wildfire…too hot for anyone else

I want our loyalty, honor and understanding to flow deeper than any ocean

I want him to protect our connection like…a lion protects his pride

Within our union I want both of us to be free like…beautiful, strong and fearless eagles…

©️SereneNSassySoul 2018

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Break The Cycle – Our Children

Dearest Beautiful Spirits,

I realize that as humans, our behaviors are mostly indicative of what we’ve been taught by others, but at some point you must begin thinking for yourself and establish your own belief system, values and morals. With that said, please understand it’s unfair to impose your beliefs and/or expectations on others no matter who they are. Children deserve an opportunity to formulate their own beliefs, values, thoughts, and opinions despite whether or not you were afforded an opportunity to do so when you were being raised. BREAK THE CYCLE!

mom encouraging daughter

Just like adults, children need to awaken each New Day with purpose; children need to know they matter. Children need to know they can accomplish anything they are determined to accomplish. Children need to be nurtured, loved and supported despite your personal beliefs about their choices/decisions; despite how you may have been raised. Keep in mind this does not mean you should allow them to run wild and not be mindful of things that may cause harm. Allowing your children to experience the world in a way that feels right for them is essential for them to grow into balanced and productive beings.

children exploring

It is NOT up to you to decide what your children can or cannot accomplish. If your child wants to be a ballerina and you have no idea how this can actually happen, start researching to begin your child’s journey towards being a ballerina. Your children may switch passions regularly until they find something they are willing to stick with, just support them along their journey of exploration.

mom and dad suporting child

You’d be surprised how amazing your children will feel and how far they will go when you give them simple freedom of making their own choices while offering your unconditional love and support. Without this, your child may struggle with self-esteem issues and may settle for a life less than what the Universe has intended; likely spending  their adult years trying to rid themselves of emotional distress.

courageous child

If your parents were not able to offer you unconditional support to assist you with accomplishing your goals, it doesn’t mean that you must do the same with your children. Show interest in things they enjoy doing (yes, even if it’s not interesting to you).  Listen to your children, pay attention to what they do and be mindful of people they label as their friends.

future scientist


If you feel as though your parents did not offer you unconditional love and support, chances are they were unable to because of how they were raised. Accept that your parents did the best they could, then work on healing and releasing how you feel about this so you can BREAK THE CYCLE.

Healing yourself allows you to be a better, more involved, more intuitive parent  and your children will feel safe and supported enough to come to you with anything they may face. If you leave it up to ‘the world’ to teach and/or support them, you will fail your children and yourself.

As always I welcome you to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, experiences as this post is based upon My truth and My experience; you will apply your own accordingly to figure out what work best for you and your children.

Wishing you Love, Peace & Blessings…





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HER and HIS Perspective 04/24/13

confusionGood Morning! We are so excited to bring you our first Q&A. Below are the questions received by our wonderful readers along with our sound advice. Please connect with us and leave helpful comments to offer additional help for them.

Stay tuned because we will announce a contest and offer a prize next week for the most helpful piece of advice.

You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers! Join Her and His perspective each Wednesday where you will gain insight from both sides. Please submit your thoughts/questions to by Friday and answers will be posted the following Wednesday (please note posting will depend on submission volume). We will not publish your name; just initials.

BJ, Bronx, NY

1) When do you fully start to trust your partner? 2) What is it about a person that makes you say to yourself “he/she is the one”? 3) When do you stop going for a person’s image and become attracted to their character instead?

HER Perspective: 1) Simply put…when they’ve earned your trust. Share bits of personal information with her and see how she receives and stores it. Does she bring it up during a disagreement? Does she share your secrets with friends/family? Also when you open up to her, does she listen…I mean really listen or does she seem to hurry you along as she prepares for her chance to speak? Does she ever mock you while sharing your feelings or is she receptive?

Another way to build trust or learn about your mate is by bringing her around friends and family whose opinions you value. They will definitely bring out anything that you may be blind to and provide you with valuable insight. It’s also very important to schedule activities she enjoys along with meeting and learning about her family. After all is said and done…the best guidance you will receive will be from your intuition. Do NOT ignore anything your intuition brings to you; you may end up wasting time in a relationship that was never meant to be.

HIS Perspective: 1) You’ll begin to fully trust that woman when you become open to your feelings and hers. Trust can be emotionally based and if you prejudge your relationship or put stipulations on it, the level of trust you’re looking for will be far and wide.

HER Perspective: 2) It’s a feeling… If you feel good when you are with her; if you think of her when she is not around and you smile and/or feel a rush of warmth; if you disagree at times but never let it linger; if she lifts you emotionally; if you can learn from each other…chances are she is the one. If you agree on the “must haves in a partnership” (each person WILL have a list) then chances are she is the one. If you both remain independent and secure within and outside of your relationship, chances are she is the one. Love feels good; if you are unhappy this is an indication you need to move on.

HIS Perspective: 2) When assessing someone and if they’re good enough to bring home to Mom, have around your friends and regardless of character flaws you still smile at that woman like she’s “golden”, then you may have found the one who you can rest easy with all of your days.

HER Perspective: 3) Physical attraction is definitely a factor in choosing someone you want to get to know. Let’s be honest someone’s “beautiful mind” is not noticeable right away. You admire the way she looks then you figure out how to get to know her. After a brief conversation you will know if you want to get to know her better. If you stay stuck on the size of her breast or how soft you think her a*& is…chances are you have not matured enough to be in a relationship.

HIS Perspective: 3) Image or the likeness of what you want or desire sometimes doesn’t equate to someone’s overall character. We’ve all seen the “dressed-up garbage can” and realize that we don’t merely want a trophy with an attitude but someone with class, style, well-rounded and personable. Pay attention to those things instead of her curves.


 TH, Brooklyn, NY

I really need to know how to determine when a woman is in a relationship with u but she tends to mention how she don’t know if she wants this! Do I deal or do I drop and go?

HER Perspective: If she is unsure, it’s best to leave her with time to figure out what she truly wants. Please understand giving her time does not mean putting your life on hold. Perhaps you can ask her what is creating doubt about being with you; this may provide valuable insight for you to determine whether you should wait or walk away completely. You are worthy of receiving REAL love; you do not deserve to be put on hold while she weighs her options or figures it out.

HIS Perspective: Well my friend, sometimes you have to sit down with people and get the real stuff out-of-the-way before two people make decisions that neither can benefit from. So, don’t just pick-up and go, sit down with her and ask her what is it she wants; if you feel as though you can fill those shoes and she thinks that all is well, then stay together! Consider having a calm detailed conversation and let us know how that went.

Relationship Questions

 ANT, Richmond, VA

How do I take a woman who say she wants to be with you have your child yet she say she so sexually excited for u on one day and the next she say it wore off and she can be celibate. So I’m worth only a booty call? Please help me because I’m really hurting right now.

HER Perspective: Walk way…no wait run away! It sounds like this woman is playing games and does not have your best interest at heart. When a woman cares about you, she will not leave you wondering. It is possible she just wants a sexual relationship but it seems you want more. I believe it’s best for you to walk away from this woman instead of allowing yourself to suffer any longer. It’s possible that your self-worth is not at a healthy level; perhaps you should spend time building your self-esteem and learning to love and accept yourself before loving someone else. Once you love yourself, you will attract mates worthy of all you have to offer.

HIS Perspective: Very sorry to hear that my friend. Maybe she had a classic case of indecisiveness, initially the bubbly dream is what sparked her excitement but in solitude she had time to reflect on what could go wrong with this dream. Ask her what her fears are, is she really ready or was she spirit of the moment talking, ask her does she only see you as a booty call? Ask her these questions, she will have no choice but to face you and tell you what’s real, from that moment you’ll be able to determine if she’s for you or not.

Love, Peace & Blessings…

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Eyes Wide Open…

I find myself longing to hear his voice

I find myself immersed in his words; the feelings that he shares

I find myself thinking of being in his arms; being comforted by his touch

I find myself smiling just by visualizing his smile

I find myself inhaling his scent even when he is not present…


I want to talk with him; share my deepest feelings

I want to be engulfed by the love he claims to have for me

I want to feel all of him entwined with all of me

I want to trust him; believe in his words

I want to return his adoration; his free expression

I want to let go of the past; create a flow of our own…


My Heart says…it feels right; it wants what it wants

My Intuition is steady; resisting and protecting

My Heart is not capable of making decisions; it does not examine all aspects

My Intuition…she is the caretaker and examines all

For now Intuition wins and I will proceed with caution

If it is meant to be…it will certainly be; what is meant for you cannot be tampered with


Here’s to love…EYES WIDE OPEN!


Love, Peace & Smooches…

SNS 12/26/12