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Similies in Love…

I want him to love me…like the Earth loves the Sun

I want him to appreciate me like…flowers anxiously awaiting Spring

I want him to help me thrive like…Bees transporting pollen

I want to fill his soul with joy like…rain ending a drought for dessert dwellers

I want us to compliment each other like…lightening does with thunder

I want him to be the wind within my hurricane; if ever a threat comes to meet us

I want our passion constantly igniting like…an uncontrollable wildfire…too hot for anyone else

I want our loyalty, honor and understanding to flow deeper than any ocean

I want him to protect our connection like…a lion protects his pride

Within our union I want both of us to be free like…beautiful, strong and fearless eagles…

©️SereneNSassySoul 2018

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Energy of the Ocean

I was blessed to connect with the Ocean on Friday and my spirit has been in mourning since walking away. I felt so peaceful and the energy shared with me by the Ocean was intoxicating…literally intoxicating. I felt woozy but in a good way; indescribable really but it was a powerful feeling.

At the beach (a place I don’t frequent) you have access to all four elements, Water, Earth, Fire (Sun) Air (breeze from the Ocean). My Spirit Brother has directed me to the beach several times this year but I put it off because… (insert excuse here LoL) During my visit I understood why he directed me to the beach; he knows me better than most (not easy to accomplish). It was a beautiful, desperately needed energetic experience.

But now… I feel empty or as if something is missing…I hate whining and complaining about how I feel but this time I feel clueless about how I can make things right.

Seems as if nothing feels all the way right as far as making a decision about what to do with myself, my life but it’s extremely important for me to make a decision NOW.

I miss home…I really miss home and the peace it affords me…the connections…it’s beautiful and comforting; faith whispers, “You will be home again very soon” and for this I am grateful.

Realize knowing and KNOWING are not exactly the same. I think sometimes knowing is painful or frustrating when you seem to have difficulty taking action using what you know; you know?

Love, Peace & Blessings,



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He’s Coming…

He’s getting closer and there is no stopping his progress
He’s been patiently waiting to reunite with her
He’s moving purposefully; his heart leading him straight to her
He’s not sure what to expect but he needs to be with her

He needs her love, her support, her loyalty, her energy…
He needs to love her, protect her, nurture her, uplift her…

He’s felt her pain, almost too much for him to bear
He’s distressed by what she’s been going through, yet so proud she’s enduring; standing stronger than ever

They’ve spent enough time apart during this lifetime
They’ve evolved and experienced many things but complete fulfillment has eluded him; her

She can no longer deny what she feels for him
Pushing him away…no longer an option
Being afraid of opening herself to love…no longer an option
Hiding herself, just breathing…no longer an option

She feels him deeply in the center of her chest; the sensation is becoming more intense
She has always been her own hero but she knows he coming to save her
This love is bigger than her; bigger than him…

© SerenenSassySoul 2015


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Love Felt Not Spoken

They’ve always loved one another but now…the intensity of their love is inexplicable; deeper than either has ever gone

Love has washed over them like a Tsunami; completely out of their control consuming each of them entirely

Each has loved ones they’ve learned to admire, respect and trust; with each other it’s always been effortless

Silence creates much needed clarity; understanding and acceptance

Why…neither has ever felt whole no matter who they’ve tried to love

Why…they can sense each other’s feelings, thoughts before expressed

Why…everyone else mentions how they seem to be much more than just friends

Why…each is intrinsically protective and immersed within one another

Why…internal chaos is non-existent when they are together; storms often resume when they are apart

Why…sexually neither has completely connected with another; first time with each other felt like final two puzzle pieces…whole

Why…during an embrace, the fit is perfect; each is finally home

She’s blessed to be in love with someone who looks at her with so much love and acceptance in his eyes; her heart and spirit are entranced each instance

He loves how she looked in the beginning, during the middle and especially during the last days…

Her thoughts enter his mind without a word escaping her lips; his thoughts flow same as hers

Their love is mostly unspoken; felt in a way providing more fulfillment than either has ever imagined

No one understands their relationship so they speculate incorrectly and unfairly; she’s not worried nor is he

Dreaming of love, knowing how it should be and how it should feel is incomparable to actually experiencing love with someone who has been created just for you.


Wishing you all the blessing of experiencing love…



© 2014 SereneNSassySoul

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Why You Must Put Yourself First

Greetings Beautiful Spirits,

I had to “spill thoughts” based upon messages I’ve received today; basic theme being: Why do I continue doing what makes other people happy and leaving myself empty?

I’ve experienced most of what each of these people are currently going through. “If I do more for “them”,” they” will finally love me.” “My happiness will come once this person/ that person is happy.” I may not love him/her now but the “right” one may never come along; I’m tired of being alone.” “My happiness comes from making sure everyone else is happy.” All lies we tell ourselves to avoid dealing with the only one with the power to ensure our happiness…ourselves.

I can state from experience that facing yourself is not an easy thing. It takes courage, willingness to identify and accept your role in how your life has been, understanding it’s never too late to create change and the wisdom to release what no longer serves your spirit and deprives you of happiness. Sometimes this requires drastic change such as ridding your life of negative influences (including loved ones), toxic behaviors (alcohol, drugs, sex etc.) and making a commitment to do whatever it takes to heal yourself even it means…hitting rock bottom.

Sure I’ve lost everything…I do mean everything but amidst chaos, I’m finding myself; the most important person in my life, the person I often left behind. I understand putting me first is not selfish but absolutely necessary to ensure my peace and happiness. Even with all I’ve been through, I will never accept that life is meant to be hard and happiness is merely an idealistic person’s dream. The Universe has created us as loving, happy beings; our decisions either intensify our ability to love and be happy or create discord. Until we accept responsibility for ourselves peace and happiness will be elusive.

As I recover, I notice my legs are no longer wobbly, my head is lifted higher than ever before and pain that made its home in my body has all but disappeared. I don’t have all of the answers and I will never be perfect but it’s not my job to be either; I’ve surrendered to the Universe and now I flow in the wind with infinite access to clarity, peace and happiness. Every moment will not be perfect and there will surely be moments of “darkness” ahead but I know they will pass same as the others and I will keep building and moving forward.

I’ve always felt more than most people and therefore labeled “too sensitive and weird”. It’s difficult living in a world feeling what other’s feel and often being misunderstood so throughout my life I’ve tried to “fit” in to alleviate some of the loneliness. Unfortunately trying to fit in always left me feeling worse than the loneliness so I don’t bother anymore. I can’t get rid of how I was created… I feel deeply and I’ve accepted this; I’m a free spirit and I’ve accepted it; I don’t enjoying focusing on one thing at a time and I’ve accepted this; I abhor lists, plans and rules but I’m organized, focused when I need to be and live righteously…I’ve accepted this; I will never be who anyone wants me to be or live up to the “potential” “they” expect me to and I’ve accepted this. I’m simply me and I cannot nor will I try to be anyone else again.

Are you ready to take the first step to learn who you are and what you need to be peaceful and happy? Are you ready to be honest with yourself? Are you ready to put yourself first? Your happiness cannot be found in anyone or anything outside of yourself; do the work and I promise you will not regret it!

As always I’m here because no one should have to journey alone…

Love, Peace & Blessings…

 SereneNSassy Soul

©2014 SereneNSassySoul


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Invisible Woman

They don’t hear her coming; they’ve never acknowledged her existence

She’s unassuming, content blending into the backgroundInvisble Woman

Her screams are silent; no one knows her pain; no one sees her tears fall

She’s disheartened by people; their words, their actions selfish and judgmental

She’s grown weary of society’s compassionless demeanor; attention to frivolous matters

Pain has become too heavy to bear; she’s been quiet for way too long

Forcefully erupting; they will no longer deny her purposeful presence

They will finally see and want to know her; she will only share herself with those who never cast a stone.


Invisible Woman represents all who are gifted, compassionate, and unique yet ignored simply because they don’t “fit the description”.

© 2014 SereneNSassy Soul