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Not Your Fears!

Good Day Beautiful Souls 💜

The message in this photograph hits me especially hard at this time.

It’s difficult to stay motivated and inspired when you’re surrounded by the heaviness of other people’s fear. You know the ones constantly stating “I can’t do this. You can’t do that. That’s impossible… You should just stay where you are because at least…Stick with the lesser of the two evils…”

We all know people like this; some of them you can’t just cut out of your life so you just deal with them best as you can. In our minds, we will not let them bring us down but at some point, their fear and negativity begins to weigh us down. Once this happens, it seems as though you have to work so hard to release their burdens so you can move forward along your journey.

Stay in tune with your Heart, your Soul so you can recognize when it’s happening and clear out the crap ASAP. Nothing should stop you from achieving your dream, your goals and creating the life you desire.

As always EmbraceYourFlow and stay true to the one that matters most, YOU!

Sending you Love, Peace & Courage… 💜🦾🙏💜

Today is About You!

Good Day Beautiful Souls 💜

Welcome to this New Day, New Beginning!

May Your…

WORDS be encouraging and inspiring
HEART & SOUL be authentic and courageous
MIND be amazing and vigilant
EYES be kind and expressive
TOUCH be thoughtful and protective

Wishing you all great Love, Peace & many Blessings… 💜🙏💜

Fruits & Roots

Good Day Beautiful Souls 💜

Quick post about great fruits and roots to add to your daily smoothies or just to juice and drink a bit each day.

These ingredients help with energy, aches/ pains, inflammation, digestion and nourishes healthy hearts. I need these especially now that I mostly sit working on my laptop each day.

To make about 32 oz of juice:

1. Fresh Ginger Root – 1.5 index finger lengths

2. Fresh Turmeric Root – 2 index finger lengths

3. Fresh Organic Pineapple – 1.5 Cups

4. Fresh Organic Strawberries – .5 Cups (for enhanced flavor). Feel free to use Blueberries, Blackberries or any other fruit that you love.

Place all fruits and roots in your blender, initially on LIQUIFY setting for about 1 minute.

Change setting to PUREE for about 2.5 minutes.

Place your juice in a glass bottle or jar. Use about 4 oz in your smoothies or 4 oz beginning of your day and middle as well. Avoid juice in the evening as it may be difficult for you to fall asleep.


Wishing you all great Love, Health & Peace; Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. 💜🙏💜

Love Is…

Love compliments who you are
Love offers you balance; your partner’s strengths dissipates your weaknesses
Love inspires you to be even more than you’ve been
Love encourages you to explore parts of yourself you’ve hidden
Love empowers you offering you its unconditional support
Love elevates you, especially during times you are too exhausted to stand on your own
Love is always kind even when you disagree
Love is never confusing; it lends you peace to gain clarity you need to move forward
Love is warmth when you need it, coolness when you need it, smiles when you need them, an embrace when you need it, courage when you don’t have enough of your own to keep going.

Love is you, love is me, love is US!


Beginning Your New Day

Good Day Beautiful Souls, 💜

  1. Begin your New Day awakening 10 – 15 minutes earlier than when you actually need to.
  2. Take this time to connect with your Heart and Soul. 
  3. With your eyes closed, inhale deeply, hold for 5 seconds then exhale completely. Repeat this at least 3 times.
  4. Set your intentions for the New Day.
    • What PERSONAL goal do you NEED to accomplish?
    • What PERSONAL goal do you WANT to accomplish?
    • What professional goal do you need to accomplish?
    • What professional goal do you want to accomplish?
  5. Schedule time to do something nice for yourself no matter how small; you must always do something nice for yourself each New Day.
  6. Close your eyes again and seal your intentions for the New Day. Write them down so you can keep up with your progress
  7. Finally, begin your day with an energizing, warming drink of:
    • FRESH ginger root (about the length of your index finger) Peel then smash your Ginger with the back of a tablespoon. This will release the Ginger’s juice and essential oils.
    • Teaspoon of raw honey
    • Splash or two of fresh lemon juice
    • BONUS if you suffer with inflammation, add FRESH Turmeric Root (about half the length of your index finger). Peel then smash your Turmeric with the back of a tablespoon (Turmeric will stain so be careful to do this on a surface you don’t have to worry about staining). This will release the Turmeric’s juice and essential oils.
    • Add hot water, let steep for a couple of minutes and drink it down. You will feel energized and ready for your day. Now, if you must, you can have yourself a nice cup of coffee. 

Wishing you all great Love, Peace & Courage 💜🙏💜

It’s Your Life…Get to It!

Good Day Beautiful Souls 💜

EmbraceYourFlow, live with passion and do the work you are passionate about. Be and do what feels natural, what makes you smile, what makes your heart rate increase, what feels effortless to be and do, what you always want to be and do more of because it feels right and peaceful.

If no one were looking, who would you be?

Life is not meant to be dull or safe or tedious or unfulfilling because you have responsibilities. Life is meant to be truly lived, enjoyed, experienced; welcoming new thoughts, ideas and actions. Life is following your Heart and Soul, trusting your intuition to guide you as it will NEVER fail you (your decision to ignore it, is why you may fail). Life is pushing past your fears, courageously stepping out to fulfill your purpose.

So despite what you’ve been taught or told, decide who you want to be and what you want to do, then take action. Your life is in your hands, you are the creator of your life…get to it!

Sending you Love, Strength and Peace…